The PROPHET LOKI SIDHE DISCORD (lokidiscordia) wrote in graverz,

Enough is Enough (not realy sorry for X-posting)

Ok thats it Bush is going to far .
im sure you have seen or heard by now that dubya wants a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. in my opinion this violates the spirit of the constitution and decleration of independance. not to mentiona violation of civil rights,
two things that should be done now . i Implore everyone to not only get on the ball quickly and contact your congres person and senate person and let them know that goverment should not denie anyone the freedom wed . that the fedral govermenthas no right to dictate how people love each other.
also since actions speak much louder than any words,Boyct Marriage in general as long as same sex couplesare not allowed to join together in matrimony . This Should be enacted by Straight couples and bisexuals in male/female relationships

Remember the Quote " as long as even one person is oppressed none o are free"
well that fits here

so please take this to heart and take the message to every one you know . email everyone you know , post to every mesage board , journal and blog you can find ,
its badenough that this administration has has been sneaky and schemein and tried to slip laws in and chipaway at liberty , It has to stop
and beyond all else .the fall...Anyone EXCEPT Bush
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